a girl smiling holding a blacka nd white humpty crochet amigurumi and a rainbow coloured humpty character with a t shirt with hookanory crochet club logo n it , underneath the title my cba journey!
a girl smiling holding a blacka nd white humpty crochet amigurumi and a rainbow coloured humpty character with a t shirt with hookanory crochet club logo n it , underneath the title my cba journey!
My journey as a crochet designer after joining the Crochetpreneur Business academy

Why I joined the Crochetpreneur Business Academy and How it Changed My Crochet Design Business –
My CBA Story!

I joined CBA earlier this year, after trying for a couple of years to work out how I could make a living from crochet design. For me it was about learning how to turn my design ideas into patterns that people could follow, enjoy and hopefully buy!

I needed to develop a different way to use my textile design training because due to ill health, the sudden halt to events from the Covid pandemic and a young family , my partner and I could no longer follow out current business model of making products and selling them at large events. I needed a way to use my skills from design and teaching to earn a passive income, that way I could work from home and be more flexible when family, health and economic climate affected my ability to work or earn.

After basically stalking Pam Grice The Crochetpreneur online watching her you tube, listening to her podcasts, and attending some of her free online business events, I decided she really was the expert she appeared to be and as important, if not more importantly, she is a human being and for us Brits who can be a but skeptical of the sales pitch and WOO YEAH – ness of many online coaches, she is not all mouth and no substance!

She is what you see, her course does what it says on the tin, helpful, knowledgeable, kind but clear. So she will encourage, inform, listen and understand, but she wont placate or soft soap you. If there are hard lessons to learn, she will help you realise them, identify issues and move forward with a positive attitude of empowerment!

So I bit the bullet and decided to go for it! I realised I couldn’t afford not to join, if I wanted to really move on with my business.

When you say yes to CBA, you’re saying yes to your future!
Do you have Wonderful woolly dreams of turning your yarn-crafts into cash?
Why not watch this FREE Crochet Business Webinar By The Crochetpreneur HERE
How My future Changed after joining CBA
What changed for me after I joined was a fundamental change in mindset, I had invested in myself and my business idea, I had made a commitment to make it work. I joined the CBA Facebook group, found a call out for a UK/European designers support group and now have THE most amazing crochet business friends who meet every week!

I also saw a shout out that Simply Crochet magazine had put up a Facebook story asking for new designers to submit an introduction to the magazine, which lead to my first of several commissions with them and another magazine.See my latest Simply Crochet designs here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz_HEmGuT99/

This was the moment I opened my copy of Simply Crochet Magazine to see my very first published design inside! I saved it to open when my mum was visiting so we could do it together; because she has always been the biggest supporter of all my crafty endeavours! I was so happy to be able to share this special moment with her! You can see how excited we were!

More of my recently published designs are pictured below with link to digital copies available from Simply Crochet Magazine.
My only regret is not having joined sooner, because I took 2 years to decide to join and the price increased over that time. This offer is the last time the membership will be open at 2023 prices and only until 27th Nov, so if you think CBA could be for you find out more HERE!

I have now got access to a massive and ever growing archive of resources in CBA that cover anything and everything you might need to start and grow your crochet business, from choosing a name, to monetising your blog, writing you first pattern, opening your patterns stores on Ravelry, Etsy and your own site, how to price your patterns or handmade products to setting up your first booth at an event.

Plus there’s loads of presentations from other industry experts on topics from self care, how to organise yourself when you are a ‘squirrel’ creative, how to structure your business to actually make a profit, how to manage time when you only have a few ours a week for your business and the list goes on!

I have barely scratched the surface with my journey, but everything’s there to guide you through step by step from the start, and with a comprehensive index, so you can dip in and out of things a you need.So you may think ,that’s all well and good if you have lots of cash already to invest, but for me this was very much the opposite situation.

However I realised I couldn’t get any further without help. So though I really couldn’t afford the membership, I also felt I was losing my chance to get things off the ground. So I made myself a promise, if I could raise the money without it affecting our family finances, I could join!

So I went loft diving! I found I had some old toys and collectible Barbie dolls that would more than cover the monthly installments, in fact surprisingly worth almost double the membership fee, so I sold them on Ebay, and the overages went into the family pot, so guilt free investment!

A win/win as they say!

I joined the Crochetpreneur Business Academy earlier this year and it really has been the best investment for my business and has helped me find my cro-biz community and support network that I needed to help move me forward and to take my design business seriously.

I would not have had the courage to submit to magazines or run a crochet along, had I not joined this group of awesome people!

Mostly I have been a bit hesitant to shout about it on my grid or my blog because I’m still very much in the learning and developing stage with my design and crochet business, so feel like I would be an imposter to say “this is what you should do, because this is what I did and now I’ve made it!”Because that’s not true, I’m not yet earning a real living from my designs, or selling a zillion patterns per month… yet!

BUT I now have the tools, resources and support to help me get there…. and my business, and attitude to my business has transformed in the few months since I joined.

Why I’m going on about it now, is that the 27th Nov is the last day you can join CBA for the 2023 price. After this sign up window has passed, the lifetime membership doubles and the lower price only gives access to the CBA resources for a year at a time.

So don’t miss out! I waited last year to join this year and missed put on the VIP access and a cheaper price and kicked myself for it!

So if you want the lowdown on being a Crochetpreneur Business Academy Member or have questions about how it works, whether it will be a good fit or good value for you or what other things The Crochetpreneur has to offer; feel free to email me deb@hookanory.com or DM @hookanory on Instagram. Or If you’re ready to join find out how HERE

I can’t wait to see you inside, maybe even see you in the monthly CBA sip ‘n’ stitch group!

We’re on this journey together!

Much love and happy hooking!

Deb xxx

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