Now that we’ve come to the end of the body parts pattern days of the Hookanory Mini Monster C.A.L, I thought it would be nice to share one or two of the entries so far!

As entries come in over the weekend I’ll share them here with you so you can see what your’re up against if you’re thinking of entering and maybe it will inspire you to have a go if you’ve not byet made your own Franken-egg monster!

Franken-egg by Suze Burgas, stomping his way over the pumpkin patch!


The competition and pattern instructions will stay here on the blog until the deadline which is

MIDNIGHT ON 31ST OCTOBER 22- GMT ! So there’s still time to make your own monster over the weekend and share it with me either by email : deb@hookanory.com

OR: By tagging me in on your social post @hookanory using the hashtag #hookanoryminimonstercal (and DM me please so I don’t miss your entry!)

Details of the rules and prizes below, and a few hints as to what we’re looking for in the winner!

Good Luck Folks n Yolks! xxx Deb & Frankie xxx

I really hope you’ve enjoyed taking part! If you’ve just found us, then there’s still just enough time to join in and enter our fab competition!

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR : This is not a comp for just the most specialist super dooper professional make, (though that doesn’t mean you can’t win if yours is made like a pro), We want it to be inclusive and open to beginners as much as seasoned hookers…so we are looking for the most creative/interesting/fun photo of your make. So if you want to photograph yours in a spooky or unusual location, or create your own scene, or just make yours super arty or fun then go for your life!

I will accept still or animated/enhanced images providing you have stuck to the pattern (in shape – colours can be your own vibe!) , and as long as I can see your make in the image (basically don’t make it so fancy you can’t see your monster!)


If you want to enter the Mini Monster C.A.L. Competition here’s how:

😈make sure you share the CAL title post and the comment

“I’m Making a Monster in the #hookanoryminimonstercal Hookanory “

😈Head over to the Blog At: www.hookanory.com to find today’s body part pattern

😈Share to Win! To be entered into the FREE #minimonstercal competition you must share a fun pic of your completed make to your socials tagging me in @ hookanory #hookanoyminimonstercal – DM for good measure if you like, or you can send me an email at: deb@hookanory.com DEADLINE = MIDNIGHT GMT 31st Oct 2022

Winner will be announced on Tuesday 1st Nov by midnight GMT


I can’t wait to see your monstrous creations!

xxx Love Deb xxx

P.S. If you have any problems or want to share you’re progress email me : deb@hookanory.com or DM me on Facebook or Instagram @hookanory.

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