31 FREE Patterns!
Holiday Decor Blog-Hop!

EDIT – This event has now ended

Join Claire Goodale, Author of “Crochet Colour-work Made Easy” for 31 days of FREE crochet patterns with her Christmas in July Holiday Decor Blog-Hop!

I’m so excited to bring you the news about this extremely ‘cool’ Blog-Hop, not just because it’s hot right now here in the UK and you might welcome the change, or that it’s totally awesome and means you’ll get your hands on 31 FREE patterns, but because I am one of the featured designers!!!

This is particularly impressive for me at least, because until a few weeks ago I wasn’t entirely sure what a Blog-Hop was; and to be completely honest my blog was really only a series of place holder images and a landing page! So I am super grateful to Claire for allowing me to take part as an unrecognised new designer with no clue how to do most of the tech stuff that is needed. Never one to allow a lack of knowledge to stand in the way of opportunity; I signed myself up! Well knowledge can be found and opportunities like this don’t just land in your lap , you’ve just got to go for it!

So here we are, the day before lift off! Tomorrow it all starts with Day #1 which is one of Claire’s own designs, super cute, Velvet Bobble Trees! My design is Day #4 “Sant-egg Claus” will be featured on her site on 4th July (Happy Independence Day to those of you across the pond!)





How It All Works!

You may be wondering what a Blog-Hop actually is, and how they work?

Or more to the point “How do I get my FREE patterns!?”

Well it’s really an online scavenger or treasure hunt, where you start from the same place each day (EclaireMakery.com) and go off foraging into the wilds of new designers’ pages to seek out the FREE patterns they have there for you to collect! Every day Claire will share a new featured designer pattern with a special code, and you follow the links to their blog where you hop on the FREE pdf download link and download your pattern! – Simples!

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to Blog-Hopping!

What Happens If I Miss A Day?

Never fear you don’t need to have a ‘melt-down’ (sorry terrible icy puns!), you will find that most designers have their pattern available as a paid PDF or perhaps if you’re really lucky a free text only pattern available via their blogs/websites or online stores, so you’ll be able to find them by going back to the Blog-Hop Hub at Eclairemakery.com or by searching Pintrest for the pinned daily posts and go from there.

But What If I’m Sooooo Excited I just Can’t Wait?!

Ho-ho-ho well then my little cherubs there’s a special treat just for you! From tomorrow (1st July 2022) you will be able to download the entire bundle of ALL 31 PATTERNS right HERE for the majorly discounted price of $19 ( around £15.61), 90% off usual bundle prices, by clicking on the IMAGE BELOW!

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